Movieland Misty Rose Moon

Seal Point (looks Mink to me)
Devon Rex Female
Birthday- 3/19/08
Pedigree CFA/TALDI South African Certified
Blue eyes
Small body type
Blood type A
Her mother was an odd-eyed (blue/gold) tuxedo cat.
She's daddy's little girl and the 'security cat' of the
house. If there's trouble, she's on it!
Sire: Movieland Bond, James Bond Seal Point
Misty's father
Dam: Movieland Barbara Ann Leigh Black-White
Misty's mother
James Bond's Dad
James Bond's Sire:
Lilac Hill Elvis of Movieland
James Bonds Mom
James Bond's Dam:
Lilac Hill Zsa Zsa of Movieland
Barbara Ann Leigh's Dad
Barbara Ann Leigh's Sire:
Rexcatter Clinteastwood
of Movieland
Seal Point Blue Eyes
Barbara Ann Leigh's Mom
Barbara Ann Leigh's Dam:
Champion Devon-Ayre
Clio Mio of Movieland

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