Queen Didhe
Peppershire Deliah Didhe Darling

Crossed over the Rainbow bridge in 2020.

She is Greatly Missed

Queen Misty
Movieland Misty Rose Moon

Retired 2016. She is our oldest girl. One of our first Devon Rex cats. She will be 15 years old on March 19th, 2023.

Queen Mary Jane
Devonese Mary Jane Mooner

Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2021

She is Greatly Missed

Queen Loreley

Odd-Eyed White

Retired 2023. She will remain at her Grandmother Misty's side.

Neon-Cat Noel Wildchild

Tortie & White with a thick wavey coat. Arrived here in 2020 from Neon-Cat in Texas.

Neon-Cat Dusty-Rose of Devonese

Seal-Point with a thinner coat that is showing nice waves. Arrived here in 2022 from Neon-Cat in Texas.

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